Body Treaments

Body Scrub: Increasing circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and soften skin with this luxurious treatment.

30 min. - $85

In combination  with massage - $75

Endermologie: Performed on millions of people around the world, Endermologie was introduced over two decades ago by LPG, the world leader in connective tissue technologies. This unique, non-invasive, deep tissue treatment is well renowned as the first treatment to receive FDA clearance for 'the temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements.'

Improves blood circulation and strengthening of tissue to reduce the appearance of cellulitis.

30 min. - $90

or $75 with package of 10 sessions

10 sessions - $750


Ultrasound Cavitation: Cavitation is a safe technology that targets trouble areas by reducing fat using Ultrasonic Waves until fat becomes liquefied and is expelled through your bodies metabolic system.

$85 per 30 minute session or $75 when you buy 10 sessions

10 sessions - $750


Radiofrequency (RF): Body R.F. is a skin tightening that works by delivering Radiofrequency electromagnetic energy. The effects of R.F. treatment produces a substantial elimination of wrinkles and promotes skin tightening.

$85 per session or $75 when you purchase 10 sessions or more

10 sessions - $750